Fascinated by the infinite potential of paper as a medium, Reuter explores the material not only as a source for 2D drawing and embellishment but also as a source for construction. Capitalizing on the strength and flexibility of paper, she introduces shape by folding, tearing, piercing, cutting, or embroidering on the work. 

Her explorations blur the lines between drawing and sculpture.  Working with layers of paper, she builds undulating surfaces – which are separated by air, allowing beautiful shadows to form from the edges.  These shadows cast delicate lines or color onto the next, giving depth and dimension to the work. The result is the work appears to flow and breathe as the viewer’s gaze and perspective shift, creating a sense of constant motion culminating in an intriguing effect that arouses curiosity in the viewer and encourages a closer look.

Her intention is to celebrate the handmade and (at the same time) slow the gaze of the viewer.  The result is that the art creates a poetic spatial experience comprising both delicacy and definition.