changing the gaze
may 2 | saturday 6-8pm
     celebrating new opportunities and audiences with a special studio opening reception.

fragility and strength
june 13 | saturday 6-8pm
     artworks that highlight the delicate balance between fragility and strength; tenderness and tension.

the space between
july 18 | saturday 6-8pm
     an exploration of spacial relationships including the relationship between the image and the viewer.

meditative practices
august 15 | saturday 6-8pm
     considered and deliberate, the artwork displayed expresses a concentration akin to meditation.

arousing curiosity
september 12 | saturday 6-8pm
     2D artwork with 3D appeal: works that arouse curiosity in the viewer, encouraging a closer look.

saugatuck/douglas gallery stroll
october 10 & 11 | saturday and sunday 12-5pm
    annual saugatuck & douglas gallery stroll featuring new artwork, artist demonstrations and receptions.

**krista reuter studio is located at 36 center street in downtown douglas, michigan