Paper is wonderful in its simplicity. It is playful, minimal, colorless and colorful. It reflects light and creates depth; and accepts various embellishments beautifully.  These possibilities allow me to express the delicate balance that appears in my work between fragility and strength. The simple act of pulling a fine thread through paper, or piercing the paper with a pin to allow glints of light to escape, are examples of the tenderness and tension conveyed in my art.

Considered and deliberate, my art suggests a concentration akin to meditation.  Emphasizing the space between drawing and sculpture: the layered hand torn or hand cut sheets, separated by air, allows shadows to form from the edges casting delicate lines onto the next.  The effect is subtle yet intriguing; arousing curiosity in the viewer and encouraging a closer look.

My intention is to celebrate the handmade and at the same time ‘change the gaze’ of the viewer.  I strive to reach a simple, honest statement and to have the confidence to say more with less.  The result is that the art creates a poetic spatial experience comprising both delicacy and strong definition.